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Twister Unwinds B
Twister Unwinds 2
Domestic Tornados 2
Turn Turn Turn
Blooming Tornado
Disaster Waiting To Happen
Tornado 1
Tornado 2
Tornado 3
Trepo, trepas, trepa
Four Moments of Happiness (installation view)
Life-size Sunset
16 de Gener
Cave at Montserrat
The Overbearing Sky
Montserrat #1
Montserrat #2
Montserrat #3
Estoy Perdida
Snow on Montserrat
On the Way Home from the Monastery
Reflect. Stay Calm.
Dusk Across the Water
What Happens at Night to the Forest
The Tree at Bruce's Point The Tree at Bruce's Point - Detail
  Night Wind  
  Other Side of the Lake  
  Panorama 1  
  Panorama 2  
  Panorama 3  
He Gets Wool from Eggs Sunny-Side Up The Egg is Smashed
Coddled Egg   Untitled
  The Virgin of Guadalupe will serve you...  
The Massacre of the Innocents There is so much Jacob Wrestling with the Angel The Pileated Visitation
  The Resurrection Must Start Somewhere  
1 2 3
4 5 6
The Singer Remembrance And they were full of eyes
all around and inside
The Performance Fish Out of Water Good Audience
Cottage Country

Hope In Four Parts Too Many Hands Little Kathie and the puppet from Hell
  Cross for St. Paul's Anglican Church, Uxbridge  
The Rebirth of Fury as Superhero - oil on glass over mixed media paper construction, 2" x 8" x 2", 2006
Sleep - oil on glass over mixed media paper construction, 4" x 6" x 2", 2006
Treasure Hidden
Meditation In Three Parts
Five Faces
The Last Supper
Rose Window Trophy For The Humble Being Zacchaeus
Labyrinth 1 Labyrinth 2 Labyrinth 4
  Labyrinth 5  
Blow Upon My Garden The Spirit of God Rescue
Great Flying Tree of Life Tree of Life #1 Tree of Life #2 - Triumphant Birth